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  • Grant Stinnett- electric bass, 4,5,and 6 strings
  • Dino Govoni - tenor & soprano saxophone
  • Everett Pendleton - guitar
  • Rob Gourlay - bass
  • Brent Rusinow - bass
  • Jim Stinnett - bass, keyboard
  • Tom Arey - drums
  • Jon Chase conga

Song List:

  1. Raindrops - 3:31 - written by G Stinnett
  2. Chaotic Spot - 3:32 - written by G Stinnett
  3. Dark Light - 3:57  - written by G Stinnett
  4. Lee's Circle - 6:12 - written by R Gourlay
  5. O's Lament - 2:50 - written by G Stinnett
  6. The Traveler - 4:40 - - written by J Stinnett
  7. I Don't Need Wings To Fly - 4:58 - written by G Stinnett
  8. High Tide - 4:36 - written by G Stinnett
  9. Money In Your Poclet - 4:22 - written by G Stinnett
  10. Preview - 0:41 - written by G Stinnett

Read what some of the best bassists on the scene are saying about "G Money."

“Wonderful ideas, concepts, chops and directions! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you grow over the coming years man. Seems like you got all the right ingredients to do some serious damage!”
- Matt Garrison

“Obviously, genetics at work! Grant Stinnett proves that it can be passed on. This debut proves to the world that there are two great bassists in the Stinnett family.” - Steve Bailey

“What Grant Stinnett has accomplished in the few short years he’s been playing has been truly amazing! G Money is a testament to all the long hours of hard work Grant has put in. Congratulations on an excellent recording.” – Rob Gourlay

"Grant draws many colors out of the bass to make pleasing and engaging music. I think he has a bright future!" - Michael Manring

"Years ago I took bass lessons from Jim Stinnett, and when we reconnected he brought his son Grant up for a visit to Vermont. It was pretty remarkable to see what a teenager could do on the bass, and I asked Grant to teach me some stuff. This CD is a good way to check out some of his amazing tapping and slapping." - Mike Gordon

“Thanks so much for your CD, G Money. You have discovered many beautiful things about the bass and you're expressing them in your music. Bravo! I love the originality and texture of the writing and playing. I've been enjoying your music. You've got a bright future. All the best!” - Bruce Gertz


Produced by Jim Stinnett & Grant Stinnett

Recorded 2007 at Chase Productions, Methuen, MA


Purchase CD  $15.00


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