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The Music Of Paul Chambers

Do you want to really learn to play jazz solos?  Through the use of video, audio examples, play-alongs, and transcriptions, we will complete an in depth study of the music of Paul Chambers, the Bird of the bass. 

Paul's playing dominated the bebop era.  His walking lines and solos can be heard on many  of the classic jazz recordings in the 1950s and 1960s.  His clearly defined style is notated and analyzed in the new book Secret Chambers.  We will use this comparative analysis as our guide to understand Paul's solo concept.

This course will present the most comprehensive study of Paul Chambers to date.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • play some PC
  • have a grasp of the bebop language
  • better transcribe music
  • hear phrasing in good walking lines
  • understand the essense of Paul Chambers' style

Required texts

  • Secret Chambers
  • The Music Of Paul Chambers
  • Walking In The Footsteps Of Paul Chambers

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Course Instructor: Jim Stinnett             Prerequisite


The Music Of Paul Chambers - Topical Outline       

Lesson 1: Historical Perspective

Lesson 2: Blues

Lesson 3: Walking Lines

Lesson 4: So What

Lesson 5: Secret Chambers

Lesson 6: Arcology

Lesson 7: Red Garland

Lesson 8: Rhythm Changes

Lesson 9: Melody

Lesson 10: Sound-Time-Power

Lesson 11: Practice Techniques

Lesson 12: Do You Want It?