Reading Music

Reading music is one of my passions.  As a young bass player I felt a need to learn to read so I could be prepared for any gig.  Because of my ability to read, I quickly established myself as a professional and always had work.  Still today a good reading bassist is in demand.

I have pubished thirty-four reading books so far.  My reading books have helped many students improve their reading skills.    Start here on your reading journey.

1. Reading In Bass Clef is the first reading book I wrote.  This is a book for the beginner reader.  Most players who are wanting to learn to read choose books that are simply too difficult.  Reading In Bass Clef  has been used my numerous teachers for all level of students with great success. 

2. Integrated Reading Technique is a newer version of Reading Bass Clef.  It starts from the beginning and prgresses gradually to quite difficult.  There are audio tracks of every example in the book available for purchase from my Downloadables site:

3. Reading Level ONE Material, Sight Reading Book One.  It is always a good idea to continue working with simple material.  I call this level one practice.  Reading level one material allows you to focus on additional aspects of your playing; hand posture, shifts, tone, dynamics, tempo, and articulations.

4.  Reading Level Two Material and Sight Reading Book Two would be a logic next step.    

5.  At this point it is common to brance out into a specific style, or area of reading.  

Choose your areas of interest from the links here:

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Duet and Ensemble Reading

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