"Command of your instrument is necessary to create good music."  

Technique - Electric Bass Beginner             intermediate       advanced      technique flow chart   

1. Fundamental Technique For Electric Bass.     This is a beginner technique book.

Fundamental Tech cropped.jpg

I wrote this book forty years ago.  My experience using this exact material with all of my students has confirmed its effectiveness.

4.  Cycle Of 4ths Practice CD is a downloadable practice tool.  The "CD" contains six audio tracks.  Each track is roughly five minutes long.  

1. Major Cyle @ 120 bpm

2. Minor Cyle @ 120 bpm

3. Dominant Cyle @ 120 bpm

4. Major Cyle @ 160 bpm

5. Minor Cyle @ 160 bpm

6. Dominant Cyle @ 160 bpm

7. Major Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

8. Minor Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

9. Dominant Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

sfdbl1 copy.jpg

Technique - Double Bass Beginner

For double bass players, we must develop fluency with disciplined technique practice.  This series is a must; Strong Foundation, Build It Solid, and Fluency.  I have taken many students through these books with tremendous results.  Successfully working through these books will take some time. 


Endorsed by Gary Karr!