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"Command of your instrument is necessary to create good music."  

Technique - Electric Bass Beginner             intermediate       advanced      technique flow chart   

1. Fundamental Technique For Electric Bass.     This is a beginner technique book.

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I wrote this book forty years ago.  My experience using this exact material with all of my students has confirmed its effectiveness.

Scale and Arpeggio Bass Cropped.jpg

4.  Cycle Of 4ths Practice CD is a downloadable practice tool.  The "CD" contains six audio tracks.  Each track is roughly five minutes long.  

1. Major Cyle @ 120 bpm

2. Minor Cyle @ 120 bpm

3. Dominant Cyle @ 120 bpm

4. Major Cyle @ 160 bpm

5. Minor Cyle @ 160 bpm

6. Dominant Cyle @ 160 bpm

7. Major Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

8. Minor Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

9. Dominant Cyle @ 120 bpm two octaves

sfdbl1 copy.jpg

Technique - Double Bass Beginner

For double bass players, we must develop fluency with disciplined technique practice.  This series is a must; Strong Foundation, Build It Solid, and Fluency.  I have taken many students through these books with tremendous results.  Successfully working through these books will take some time. 


Endorsed by Gary Karr! 


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