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(each book cover is a link)

Jazz Books Flow Chart

JBW english front crops copy.jpg
creating jazz bass lines
SRBK11 front CROPPED.jpg
walking over on chord copy.jpg
Jazz Bass Architecture and Language crop
jazz bass from and phrasing.jpg
Jazz Bass Transcriptions cropped.jpg
rjb 300.jpg
bop chops.jpg
RBP vol 3
RBP vol 1
the music of paul chambers
pc3 front.jpg
secret chambers.png

There is natural overlap in level and material presented from some books to the next.   This is part of good education.  Some books stay at relatively the same level throughout.  Other books, more commonly, increase in difficulty as you progress through the book. 


All seven of the books in the  "Jazz Bass" series begin at a relatively simple level and progress to a high level of difficulty by the end.  

"Starting with the release of The Music Of Paul Chambers, Jim's books have been at the top of bass pedagogy for Forty Years" 

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