Jazz Studies Advanced

Studying advanced jazz requires advanced skills in other areas.  Reading music a trait of all good jazz players. There ares some good players who do not read music, but the study of jazz often involves reading music.   Mastery of your instruments is also a prerequisite.  We cannot play fluently, with good time if we are scuffling with our fingers.



1.  This series of new books is designed for learing the Jazz language.  About half of the examples fall into the intermediate category. The rest of the material is advanced.  The format and structure is the same for each book.  Start with Jazz Bass Architecture and Language.

2.  A fantastic tool is the sereis of books Reading Bass Parts Vol 1, Vol 2, and Vol 3.  These book includes play-long tracks with incredible musicians; Joe Hunt on drums, Dino Govoni on tenor, and Lionel Loueke on guitar.  Each song has two tracks, one with bass and one without bass. 

Joe Hunt: drums

Dino Govoni: tenor

Lionel Loueke: guitar  

Tom Areyt: drums

Dino Govoni: tenor

Lionel Loueke: guitar  

Dom Moio: drums

Sam Pilafian: tuba

Chuck Marhonic: piano