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"Studying advanced Jazz requires advanced skills in releated areas."


"Reading music is a trait of all good Jazz players."  


"Mastery of your instrument is a prerequisite."

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Jazz Studies Advanced                          beginner        intermediate       Jazz books flow chart

1.  This series of new books is designed for learning the Jazz language.  About half of the examples fall into the intermediate category. The rest of the material is advanced.  The format and structure is the same for each book.  Start with Jazz Bass Architecture and Language.

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"Jim is a master at both playing and teaching the Jazz Language.

This series of books includes everything you need to know to develop your expertise at soloing, and creating perfect walking bass lines." 

- Gregg Germony

2.  Reading Bass Parts Vol 1   Each song has two tracks, one with bass and one without bass. 

"The Reading Bass Parts series is exceptional

and features some of the finest musicians on

the planet!"

- Rob Gourlay


Joe Hunt: drums

Dino Govoni: tenor

Lionel Loueke: guitar  

Dom Moio: drums.  Sam Pilafian: tuba,  Chuck Marhonic: piano  


3.   Bass Parts Vol 3   Each song has two tracks, one with bass and one without bass. 

This book includes play-along tracks with incredible musicians: 

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"The Music of Paul Chambers is an essential book for any Jazz bassist.

- Rob Gourlay

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7.  PC3

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