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"One must be somewhat technically proficient prior to studying jazz.  You must be realisitic about ability and recognize if you are ready to jump into jazz."

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Jazz Studies - Beginner                  intermediate       advanced      Jazz books flow chart

1.  Start by learning to play walking bass lines. This is the foundation of good jazz bass.  Start with either or both of these books.  Jazz Bass Walking is focused on the essence of walking bass.  Creating Jazz Bass Lines starts at the same place but expands to include more depth and harder lessons. 

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There are audio examples and play-alongs for each of these books located on my downloadable site:

Practice CD - Creating Jazz Bass Lines, Roots, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 1/2 Steps

Practice CD - Creating Jazz Bass Lines, ii V I

Practice CD - Creating Jazz Bass Lines, Blues with Substitute Chords

Jazz Bass Walking comes with audio downloads of each example.  Jazz Bass Walking also has individual mini video lessons available for each example in the book:

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